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Applied Geophysics – Refraction II Generalized reciprocal method The plus-minus method assumes a planar interface and shallow dip between C and E The generalized reciprocal approach uses two geophones, X and Y, recording refracted arrivals originating from the same point on the refractor avoiding these assumptions Applied Geophysics – Refraction II Generalized reciprocal method Define two functions:
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Unformatted text preview: 1.Velocity analysis function, T V 2 AB BX AY V T T T T + − = This is the traveltime from A to H 2.Time-depth function, T G ( ) 2 ' V XY T T T T AB BX AY G − − + = This is the traveltime along EX or FY minus the traveltime of the projection of GX or GY along the refractor interface i.e. the traveltime along the GH V’ is the apparent refractor velocity determined from T V...
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