L9-page10 - measure of electrode separation • Wenner – a spacing • Schlumberger – AB/2 • Dipole-Dipole – n spacing • Asymptotes •

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10 Vertical Electric Sounding • When trying to probe how resistivity changes with depth, need multiple measurements that each give a different depth sensitivity. • This is accomplished through resistivity sounding where greater electrode separation gives greater depth sensitivity. VES Data Plotting Convention • Plot apparent resistivity as a function of the log of some
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Unformatted text preview: measure of electrode separation. • Wenner – a spacing • Schlumberger – AB/2 • Dipole-Dipole – n spacing • Asymptotes: • Short spacings << h 1 , ρ a = ρ 1 . • Long spacings >> total thickness of overlying layers, ρ a = ρ n • To get ρ a = ρ true for intermediate layers, layer must be thick relative to depth....
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