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Applied Geophysics – Analysis and examples Inverse modeling Methodology of interpretation Forward modeling: Make a skilled guess of the structure (the model) Calculate the anomaly this would produce Compare to the observations (the data) Adjust the model and recalculate etc… Inverse modeling essentially replaces step 4 with a mathematically determined model adjustment γ = g g Usually we fix certain parameters such as source geometry or
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Unformatted text preview: depth, and invert for remaining parameters e.g. density contrast Applied Geophysics – Analysis and examples Salt dome Anomaly: • Near circular • ∆ g max ~ 16 mGal • x 1/2 ~ 3700 m Assume spherical salt body: • Depth to center ~ 4800 m Assume ∆ρ-250 kg/m 3 : • Radius ~ 3800 m Depth to top of salt: • 4800-3800 = 1000 m Examples...
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