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Unformatted text preview: U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular Subject: AIRCRAFT ARRESTING SYSTEMS ON CIVIL AIRPORTS Date: 12/20/2006 Initiated by: AAS-300 AC No: 150/5220-9A Change: 1. PURPOSE. This Advisory Circular (AC) contains the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and recommendations for the installations of aircraft arresting systems on civil airports not owned or operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). 2. CANCELLATION. This AC cancels AC 150/5220-9, Aircraft Arresting Systems for Joint Civil/Military Operations, dated April 6, 1970. 3. APPLICABILITY. FAA recommends the information contained in this AC be used on civil airports. For federally obligated civil airports, the standards and recommendations contained in this AC are mandatory. For certificated airports, the standards and recommendations in this AC satisfy the requirements of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 139, Certification of Airports. This AC does not describe Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS). For guidance on EMAS, see AC 150/5220-22, Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS) for Aircraft Overruns. 4. PURPOSE OF AIRCRAFT ARRESTING SYSTEMS. The military installs and maintains aircraft arresting systems when certain military operations are authorized at civil airports. Aircraft arresting systems serve primarily to save lives by preventing aircraft from overrunning runways in cases where the pilot is unable to stop the aircraft during landing or aborted takeoff operations. They also serve to save aircraft and prevent major damage. 5. INSTALLATION OF ARRESTING SYSTEMS. a. Aircraft arresting systems must be installed according to the latest official criteria of the military aircraft operational need. In most cases, the criteria can be found in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 32-1043, Managing, Operating, and Maintaining Aircraft Arresting Systems. b. Airport management may request an FAA determination on the effect the location and use of the arresting system will have on the operation of navigation aids serving the airport. At the request of airport management, the military will submit plans in sufficient detail to the appropriate FAA Airports Regional or Airports District Office for review. c. FAA must find, prior to the installation of the arresting system, the location and use of the system will have no adverse effect on the safe operation of the airport and the navigation aids serving the airport. In addition, the FAA determination must state that the criteria in this AC and AC 150/5300-13, Airport Design, are satisfied to the extent practicable. FAA will provide its determination to both the military and airport management....
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150_5220_9a - U.S. Department of Transportation Federal...

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