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CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design Spring 2011 Assignment 3: Runway Length and EMAS Design Solutions Instructor: Trani Problem 1 The Roanoke Regional Airport would like to request your services to estimate the runway length extension to Runway 15-33 to support regular operations by a new airline using Boeing 717-200 powered by two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR715 engines rated at 18,500 lb. of thrust). Aircraft maximum design taxiway weight is 115,00 lb. More detailed information about airports in the country can be found at the AIRNAV database available on the web at: http:// www.airnav.com/airports/ . a) ROA ISA temperature is 13 degrees C (see ISA Table in notes). Runway length = 7,000 feet (uncorrected). Corrected for grade is 7,350 feet (0.5% grade). b) DTW = 108,000 lb for 1,000 mile trip. Runway length (corrected for grade) = 6,550 feet. Runway is 6,750 feet. OK c) The Boeing 737-800 cannot operate from the longest runway at ROA. Estimated runway length is 7,200 feet.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2 La Guardia airport is exploring the installation of an Engineered Materials Arresting System for runway ends 22 and 13. Use Google Earth to identify the situation. Use the Douglas DC-10 data to design an EMAS system for the Boeing 767-200. The DC-01 has the closest weight characteristics to the Boeing 767-200 of the aircraft presented in the table. EMAS length ~ 525 feet. Problem 4 a) The RPZ is designed for low visibility, precision runway. RPZ is 1000 x 1750 x 2500 feet. b) Hangar is not piercing the inner transitional surface. c) Airbus A380-800 tail pierces the inner transitional surface by a foot. The distance h = 19 feet. Distance y is 722 feet. The height of inner transitional at 722 feet from runway centerline is 79 feet. The tail height is just 80 feet. CEE 4674 Trani Page 1 of 1...
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