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Assignment 4: Runway Orientation and Obstruction Analysis Date Due: Feb/28/2009 by COB Instructor: Trani Problem #1 A new airport in Florida is expected to serve airline commercial traffic (also called air carrier operations) using a single 9,000 foot runway. The airport is expected to have a full Instrument Landing System (ILS) available to both runway ends. The new airport is expected to serve the following types of aircraft according to the airlines involved in the planning process of the new facility. Table 1. List of Aircraft and Airlines for Problem 1. Aircraft Airline Boeing 717 Air Tran Boeing 767-300ER Delta Embraer 175 Delta Connection Airbus A300-600 UPS Bombardier CRJ-900 Delta Connection Determine if the following objects surveyed around the airport constitute obstacles to navigation using FAR Part 77 regulations. a) A 110 foot-hill located 1.2 miles from the runway and offset 0.1 mile to the right hand side of the runway centerline extension. Not an obstruction. Approach surface is 142 feet tall at that point. b) A 207 foot old radio tower located 2.1 miles perpendicular to the runway centerline. Yes. Anything > 200 feet within 3 miles of the airport is an obstruction.
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a4_cee4674_09_sol - CEE 4674 Homework 4 Spring 2009...

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