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CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design Spring 2011 Assignment 4: Wind Rose and Obstructions to Navigation Date Due: March 1, 2010 Instructor: Trani Problem 1 Perform an obstruction analysis for airport shown in Figure 1. The airport has two runways oriented East-West and North-South as shown in Figure 1. Runway 09-27 is a precision runway whereas runway 18-36 is designed as a non- precision runway to offer approaches with a visibility minima of greater than 3/4 of a mile. The figure shows the location of three potential obstructions. Table 1 lists all the runway end elevations surveyed recently. Figure 1. Airport with 3 Potential Obstructions. Elevations in Parenthesis are Above Mean Sea Level Conditions. Table 1. Surveyed Runway End Elevations. Runway End Elevation (feet) above Mean Sea Level 9 120 27 110 18 108 36 120 CEE 4674 Trani Page 1 of 5
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Determine if the objects surveyed and included in Table 1 constitute obstacles to navigation using FAR Part 77 standards. Specify which imaginary surface is pierced (if any) and which runway is used in the analysis. Show all your calculations. e) Draw to scale the plan-view of the five imaginary surfaces for the airport using CAD software of your choice.
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a4_cee4674_2011 - CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design...

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