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CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design Spring 2010 Assignment 7: Capacity and Delay Date Due: April 19, 2011 Instructor: Trani Problem 1 An airport shown in Figure 1 has a single 9,500 feet runway oriented East-West. The airport has a standard airport surveillance radar (ASR) which tracks aircraft up to 65 miles form the airport site. The radar has a scan rate of 5 seconds. Tables 1 and 2 show the typical ATC separations at the airport under IMC conditions. Assume the minimum separations under VMC conditions are reduced by 10% from those observed under IMC conditions. The airport has the following technical parameters: a) in-trail delivery error of 18 seconds (because there is a radar at the site), b) departure-arrival separation for both VMC and IMC conditions is 2 nautical miles, c) probability of violation is 5%. Arriving aircraft are “vectored” by ATC to the final approach fix located 8 miles from the runway threshold. Arrivals follow in-trail after crossing the final approach fix. The airport aircraft mix, runway occupancy times and approach speeds are shown in Figure 1. Cannot use the FAA Airfield Capacity Model to solve this example. However, you are allowed to modify the spreadsheet provided in class to solve the problem. Show me sample calculations for both opening and closing cases. a) Calculate the arrival-departure saturation capacity diagram (Pareto diagram) under IMC conditions (show all your work). Include one point to estimate the departure capacity with 100% arrival priority under mixed runway operations.
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a7_cee4674_2011 - CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design...

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