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CEE 4674 A8 Trani Page 1 of 2 CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design Spring 2009 Assignment 8: Date Due: April 21, 2009 Instructor: Trani Problem 1 An airport has two satellite concourses separated by an above ground connector as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Airport Terminal Configuration. The peak flow of passengers per hour (both ways) is expected to be 6,000 passengers per hour. a) Find the dimensions (width and length) of the corridor to support the highest Level of Service B standard. b) Plot the capacity curve (capacity vs. headway) for an automated people mover (APM) designed to satisfy 1.5 times the peak demand condition stated in problem (a). Assume the capacity per vehicle is 40 passengers and that up to 3 vehicles can make up a transit unit. Assume that the minimum headway for design purposes is 45 seconds.
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Unformatted text preview: CEE 4674 A8 Trani Page 2 of 2 Problem 2 a) For Ronald Reagan DCA Airport (see Figure 2), estimate the number of x-ray machines needed to screen passengers getting into the pier terminal if the peak demand flow is 1,500 passengers per hour for all gates (Poisson). Assume a passenger takes 35 seconds to go through the screening area (expected value) and that the distribution of service times is Negative Exponential. Figure 2. DCA Airport Terminal. b) Find the average queue length for the process. c) Find the length of the queueing area necessary to accommodate all passengers without blocking the circulation corridor. d) Find the number of servers in the year 2025 if the demand grows by 30% and if the TSA procedures reduce the service times to 25 seconds per passenger. Comment....
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a8_cee4674_2009 - CEE 4674 A8 Trani Page 2 of 2 Problem 2...

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