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Unformatted text preview: ht Level Cruise altitude / 100 (feet) For example: Flight level 310 = 31,000 feet Cruise speed knots (filed cruise speed) Departure time TC (London Time : decimal) U For example: 11.00 AM London means 3.00 AM LAX (8 hour difference) Arrival time UTC time Distance statute miles (great circle distance) Aircraft ID A1 A10 A109 A109 A119 A119 A122 A124 A129 A139 A139 A139 A140 A19 A20 A21 A210 A211 A22 A225 A23 A25 A27 A270 A270 A3 A306 A30B A310 A318 A319 A320 A321 A332 A333 A342 A343 A345 A346 A37 A3ST A3ST A4 A4 A4 A50 A50 A500 A504 A6 A660 A7 A7 A748 A748 A748 A748 A748 A748 A890 A9 A9 A9 A9 A9 A900 A960 AA1 AA1 AA1 AA5 AA5 AA5 AA5 AB11 AB15 AB18 AB95 AC11 AC11 AC11 AC50 AC50 AC50 AC50 AC52 AC56 AC56 AC68 AC68 AC6L AC6L AC72 AC72 AC80 AC80 AC90 AC90 AC90 AC90 AC95 AC95 AC95 ACAM ACAM ACAR ACED ACJR ACPL ACR2 ACR2 ACRD ACRO ACRO ACSR ACSR AD20 AD20 ADVE ADVN AE45 AE45 AEA1 AEST AEST AEST AEST AEST AG02 AGSH AGSH AIGT AIRD AIRD AJET AJET AJET AJET AJET AK1 AKRO ALC1 ALH ALIZ ALO2 ALO2 ALO2 ALO2 ALO3 ALO3 ALO3 ALO3 ALO3 ALO3 ALPI AM3 AM3 AM3 AM3 AM3 AM3 AMX AMX AMX AMX AMX AN12 AN12 AN2 AN2 AN2 AN2 AN2 AN22 AN24 AN24 AN26 AN26 AN28 AN28 AN3 AN30 AN32 AN38 AN70 AN72 AN8 ANGL ANSN ANST AP20 AP26 AP28 APM2 APM2 AR11 AR11 AR15 AR79 ARES ARES ARON ARV1 ARV1 ARV1 ARV1 ARV1 ARVA ARWF AS02 AS14 AS16 AS20 AS22 AS24 AS25 AS26 AS2T AS32 AS32 AS32 AS32 AS32 AS32 AS32 AS32 AS50 AS50 AS50 AS50 AS50 AS55 AS55 AS55 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS65 AS80 ASTR AT3 AT3P AT3T AT43 AT43 AT43 AT43 AT43 AT44 AT44 AT44 AT44 AT45 AT45 AT45 AT45 AT5P AT5T AT6T AT72 AT72 AT72 AT72 AT72 AT8T ATAC ATIS ATL ATLA ATLA ATLA ATP ATP ATTL AUJ2 AUJ4 AUS3 AUS4 AUS5 AUS5 AUS6 AUS6 AUS6 AUS6 AUS7 AUS9 AV68 AV68 AVAM AVAM AVID AVID AVID AVIN AVK4 AVLN AVTR B06 B06 B06 B06 B06T B06T B1 B103 B105 B105 B105 B105 B105 B105 B105 B105 B105 B13 B14A B14A B14A B14B B14C B14C B14C B17 B170 B18T B18T B18T B190 B190 B2 B2 B209 B209 B209 B212 B212 B214 B222 B23 B230 B24 B24 B25 B26 B26 B26M B29 B305 B350 B350 B36T B36T B36T B36...
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