6 c5 c500 c501 c525 c526 c550 c551 c560 c56x c650

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Unformatted text preview: H60 CH60 CH62 CH62 CH64 CH64 CH70 CH70 CH7A CH7A CH7A CH7A CH7B CH7B CH7B CH80 CH80 CH80 CHCS CHGO CHIP CHIP CHR1 CHR4 CJ1 CJ6 CJ6 CJET CKUO CL2P CL2T CL30 CL41 CL44 CL4G CL4G CL60 CL8 CLA CLB1 CLB1 CLB1 CLBR CLBR CMAS CMD1 CMDE CMDT CN35 CN35 CN35 CN35 CN35 CNBR CNBR CNBR CNDR CNUK CNUK COBR COL3 COL3 COMT COMT COMU COMU COMU CONC CONC CONC CONC CONC CONC CONC CONI COOT COOT CORR CORS CORS CORS COUG COUG COUG COUR COY2 COZY COZY COZY COZY CP10 CP10 CP10 CP10 CP13 CP13 CP13 CP20 CP20 CP21 CP22 CP22 CP22 CP23 CP23 CP23 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP30 CP32 CP32 CP60 CP65 CP75 CP80 CP90 CPNA CR10 CRA1 CRAC CRER CRES CRES CRIO CRJ1 CRJ2 CRJ7 CRJ9 CT4 CT4 CUB2 CUCA CULP CULV CULX CV99 CVLP CVLT CVLT CVLT CYCL CYCL D1 D1 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D11 D139 D140 D140 D140 D150 D150 D18 D201 D228 D228 D228 D25 D250 D253 D28D D28T D31 D31 D31 D328 D328 D39 D4 D4 D5 D5 D5 D5 D5TU D6 D6 D6CR D6CR D7 D8 DA2 DA40 DA42 DA5 DAKH DAL1 DART DC10 DC10 DC2 DC3 DC3 DC3S DC3T DC3T DC3T DC4 DC6 DC7 DC85 DC85 DC86 DC86 DC87 DC87 DC8Q DC8Q DC91 DC91 DC92 DC92 DC93 DC93 DC94 DC94 DC95 DC95 DC9Q DC9Q DEAG DEFI DFL6 DFLY DG15 DG40 DG50 DG60 DG80 DG80 DH2T DH3T DH3T DH60 DH80 DH82 DH82 DH82 DH82 DH83 Types included Manufacturer No. of EnginesEngine type A­1, EA­1, AD Skyraider DOUGLAS 1 Piston A­10, OA­10 Thunderbolt 2 FAIRCHILD, US 2 Jet A­109, Power AGUSTA 2 Turboprop A­109 SABCA 2 Turboprop A­119 Koala AGUSTA 1 Turboprop A­119 Koala DENEL 1 Turboprop A­122 Uirapuru (T­23) AEROTEC 1 Piston An­124 Ruslan ANTONOV 4 Jet A­129 Mangusta AGUSTA 2 Turboprop AB­139 AGUSTA 2 Turboprop AB­139 BELL 2 Turboprop AB­139 BELL AGUSTA 2 Turboprop An­140 ANTONOV 2 Turboprop A­19 AEROPRACT 1 Piston A­20 Havoc DOUGLAS 2 Piston A­21 Solo AEROPRACT 1 Piston A­210 AQUILA 1 Piston A­211 ALFA­M 1 Piston A­22 Piranha SADLER 1 Piston An­225 Mriya ANTONOV 6 Jet A­23 Dragon AEROPRACT 1 Piston A­25 Breeze AEROPRACT 1 Piston A­27 AEROPRACT 1 Piston Ae­270 Ibis AERO VODOCHODY, CZECH 1 Turboprop Ae­270 Ibis IBIS 1 Turboprop A­3, ERA­3, NRA­3, TA­3 Skywarrior DOUGLAS 2 Jet A­300B4­600 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­300B2/4­1/2/100/200, A­300C4­200 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­310 (CC­150 Polaris) AIRBUS 2 Jet A­318 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­319, ACJ AIRBUS 2 Jet A­320 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­321 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­330­200 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­330­300 AIRBUS 2 Jet A­340­200 AIRBUS 4 Jet A­340­300 AIRBUS 4 Jet A­340­500 AIRBUS 4 Jet A­340­600 AI...
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