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Aero 1 piston a1eagle cranfield 1 piston

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Unformatted text preview: mmander Elite AIR COMMAND 1 Piston Commander Tandem 618/Mazda AIR COMMAND 1 Piston CN­235, Persuader (T­19) AIRTECH, INDONESIA/SPAIN 2 Turboprop CN­235, Persuader (T­19) CASA 2 Turboprop CN­235 NURTANIO 2 Turboprop CN­235 NUSANTARA 2 Turboprop CN­235, Persuader TUSAS 2 Turboprop Canberra BAC 2 Jet Canberra ENGLISH ELECTRIC 2 Jet Canberra SHORT 2 Jet F­20TP Condor GENERAL AVIA 2 Turboprop 80 Canuck FLEET 1 Piston 80 Canuck LEAVENS 1 Piston Cobra DEBORDE­ROLLAND 1 Piston LC­40, Columbia 300 LANCAIR 1 Piston LC­40, Columbia 300 LANCAIR 1 Piston DH­106 Comet DE HAVILLAND 4 Jet DH­106 Comet HAWKER SIDDELEY 4 Jet H­1 Commuter HELICOM 1 Piston H­1 Commuter INTERNATIONAL HELICOPTERS 1 Piston H­1 Commuter TAMARIND 1 Piston Concorde AEROSPATIALE 4 Jet Concorde AEROSPATIALE­BAC 4 Jet Concorde AEROSPATIALE­BRITISH AEROSPACE 4 Jet Concorde BAC 4 Jet Concorde BRITISH AEROSPACE 4 Jet Concorde SUD 4 Jet Concorde SUD­BAC 4 Jet L­049/749/1049 Constellation, Super Constellation, Starliner (C­121, RC­121, EC­121, VC­121, WV, R7V, Warning Star) LOCKHEED 4 Piston Coot, Super Coot AEROCAR 1 Piston Coot, Super Coot TAYLOR, MOULTON B., US 1 Piston SD­27 Corriedale SIVEL 1 Piston F4U, AU Corsair (V­166) CHANCE VOUGHT 1 Piston FG Corsair GOODYEAR 1 Piston F4U Corsair (V­166) VOUGHT­SIKORSKY 1 Piston Cougar ACRO SPORT 1 Piston Cougar EAA 1 Piston Cougar NESMITH 1 Piston H­391/392/395/250/295/700/800, HT­295 Courier, Strato­Courier, Super Courier (U­10) 1 Piston HELIO S­6 Coyote 2 RANS 1 Piston AeroCanard AEROCAD 1 Piston Cozy, Classic COSY 1 Piston Cozy CO­Z 1 Piston Cozy RUTAN 1 Piston CAP­10 AKROTECH EUROPE 1 Piston CAP­10 CAARP 1 Piston CAP­10 CAP AVIATION 1 Piston CAP­10 MUDRY 1 Piston CP­1310/1315/1330 Super Emeraude CAARP 1 Piston CP­1310/1315/1330 Super Emeraude PIEL 1 Piston CP­1310/1315/1330 Super Emeraude SCINTEX 1 Piston CAP­20 CAARP 1 Piston CAP­20 MUDRY 1 Piston CAP­21 MUDRY 1 Piston CAP­222 AKROTECH EUROPE 1 Piston CAP­222 CAP AVIATION 1 Piston G­222 GILES 1 Piston CAP­232 AKROTECH EUROPE 1 Piston CAP­232 CAP AVIATION 1 Piston CAP­230/231/232 MUDRY 1 Piston CP­301 Smaragd BINDER 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude COOPAVIA­MENAVIA 1 Piston Linnet FAIRTRAVEL 1 Piston Linnet GARLAND 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude HAINZ 1 Piston CP­30, CP­300 to 319 Emeraude PIEL 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude RENARD 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude ROUCHAUD 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude ROUSSEAU 1 Piston CP­301 Emeraude SCANOR 1 Piston CP­301/315 Emeraude SC...
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