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Unformatted text preview: SAKI 1 Jet T­33, AT­33, NT­33, RT­33 Shooting Star, T­Bird (L­580) LOCKHEED 1 Jet Tu­334 TUPOLEV 2 Jet T­34A/B, E­17 Mentor (45) BEECH 1 Piston T­34 Mentor CCF 1 Piston T­34 Mentor DINFIA 1 Piston T­3/34, Mentor (KM­2B) FUJI 1 Piston T­34C Turbo Mentor BEECH 1 Turboprop T­3Kai FUJI 1 Turboprop TE­1 Buckaroo (T­35) TEMCO 1 Piston T­37 (318A/B/C) CESSNA 2 Jet T­38, AT­38 Talon (N­156T) NORTHROP 2 Jet T­4 KAWASAKI 2 Jet T­40 TURNER 1 Piston T­411 Aist­2 AEROPROGRESS 1 Piston T­411 Wolverine, Aist KHRUNICHEV 1 Piston T­5 (KM­2D/Kai) FUJI 1 Turboprop T­50 Bobcat (AT­8, AT­17, UC­78, Crane) CESSNA 2 Piston T­6 Harvard CCF 1 Piston AT­16 Harvard NOORDUYN 1 Piston T­6, AT­6, BC­1, SNJ, Texan, Harvard NORTH AMERICAN 1 Piston 15 Tourist, Foursome TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston TA­16 Trojan, Seafire THURSTON 1 Piston 20 Ranchwagon, Topper, Seabird, Zephyr 400 TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston Tango­2 TEAM TANGO 1 Piston W­10 Tailwind AIRCRAFT SPRUCE 1 Piston W­8 Tailwind AJEP 1 Piston W­8/9/10 Tailwind WITTMAN 1 Piston TB­9 Tampico, Sprint, GT SOCATA 1 Piston Tauro ANAHUAC 1 Piston A TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston A TAYLOR­YOUNG 1 Piston BC, BF, BL, Ace, Sportsman, Traveller TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston BC, BF, BL TAYLOR­YOUNG 1 Piston DC, DCO, DF, DL (O­57, L­2) TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston Texas Bullet 205 AMC 1 Piston TB­30 Epsilon AEROSPATIALE 1 Piston TB­30 Epsilon OGMA 1 Piston TB­30 Epsilon SOCATA 1 Piston TB­31 Omega SOCATA 1 Turboprop UC­1 Twin Bee UNITED CONSULTANT 2 Piston TBM Avenger GENERAL MOTORS 1 Piston TBF Avenger (G­40) GRUMMAN 1 Piston TBM­700 SOCATA 1 Turboprop TBM­700 TBM 1 Turboprop TC­2 AERO MIRAGE 1 Piston F7F Tigercat (G­51) GRUMMAN 2 Piston H­500 Twin Courier (U­5) HELIO 2 Piston TSC­1 Teal SCHWEIZER 1 Piston TSC­1 Teal TEAL 1 Piston TSC­1 Teal THURSTON 1 Piston Termite SMITH, WILBUR L., US 1 Piston T­6,CT­156, Texan 2, Harvard 2 (3000) RAYTHEON 1 Turboprop 19, F­19 Sportsman TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston T­Kraft TAYLOR KITS 1 Piston F­21 TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston F­22 Classic, Tri­Classic, Ranger, Trooper, Tracker TAYLORCRAFT, US 1 Piston TFK­2 Carat TECHNOFLUG 1 Piston Focke­Wulf Fw­190 THUNDER WINGS 1 Piston Taifun TWI 1 Piston Taifun VALENTIN 1 Piston Tigress LANCAIR 1 Piston E...
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