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Unformatted text preview: n D­18/19 JODEL 1 Piston D­201 Sportwing D?APUZZO 1 Piston 228 DORNIER 2 Turboprop 228 FAIRCHILD DORNIER 2 Turboprop 228 HINDUSTAN 2 Turboprop D­25 NEW STANDARD 1 Piston DR­200/250, Capitaine CENTRE EST 1 Piston DR­253 Regent CENTRE EST 1 Piston Do­28D/D­1/D­2, 128­2 Skyservant DORNIER 2 Piston Do­28D­6, 128­6 Turbo Skyservant DORNIER 2 Turboprop D­31 Turbulent DRUINE 1 Piston D­31 Turbulent ROLLASON 1 Piston D­31 Turbulent STARK 1 Piston 328 DORNIER 2 Turboprop 328 FAIRCHILD DORNIER 2 Turboprop D­39 AKAFLIEG DARMSTADT 1 Piston D­4 AUSTER 1 Piston D­4 BEAGLE­AUSTER 1 Piston D­5 AUSTER 1 Piston D­5, Husky BEAGLE 1 Piston D­5 BEAGLE­AUSTER 1 Piston D­5 OGMA 1 Piston D­5 Turbi DRUINE 1 Piston D­6 AUSTER 1 Piston D­6 BEAGLE­AUSTER 1 Piston D­60/61/62 Condor DRUINE 1 Piston D­62 Condor ROLLASON 1 Piston D­7, Replica FOKKER 1 Piston D­8, Replica FOKKER 1 Piston DA­2 DAVIS 1 Piston DA­40 Katana, Diamond Star DIAMOND 1 Piston DA­42 Twinstar DIAMOND 2 Piston DA­5 DAVIS 1 Piston Dakota Hawk FISHER 1 Piston DAL­1 Tuholer SPEZIO 1 Piston Dart PARRISH 1 Piston DC­10 MD­10 (KC­10 Extender, KDC­10) MCDONNELL DOUGLAS 3 Jet MD­10 (KC­10 Extender, KDC­10)BOEING 3 Jet DC­2 DOUGLAS 2 Piston DC­3, DST ( C­41, C­47, C­47A to J, AC­47, EC­47, HC­47, LC­47, RC­47, TC­47, VC­47 Skytrain, C­53 Skytrooper, C­117A/B/C, R4D­1 to 7, Dakota) DOUGLAS 2 Piston Li­2 LISUNOV 2 Piston Super DC­3 (C­117D, LC­117, TC­117, VC­117, R4D­8) DOUGLAS 2 Piston Turbo 67 BASLER 2 Turboprop Jet Prop DC­3 (C­47TP Super Dakota) PROFESSIONAL AVIATION 2 Turboprop DC­3­65TP SCHAFER 2 Turboprop DC­4 (C­54, EC­54, HC­54, TC­54, VC­54, R5D Skymaster) DOUGLAS 4 Piston DC­6 (C­118, VC­118, R6D Liftmaster) DOUGLAS 4 Piston DC­7, Seven Seas DOUGLAS 4 Piston DC­8­50, Jet Trader (EC­24) DOUGLAS 4 Jet DC­8­50, Jet Trader MCDONNELL DOUGLAS 4 Jet DC­8­60 DOUGLAS 4 Jet DC­8­60 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS 4 Jet DC­8­70 DOUGLAS 4 Jet DC­8­70 MCDONNELL...
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