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Unformatted text preview: 1 Piston S­55T SIKORSKY 1 Turboprop Elite VAT 1 Turboprop WS­55 Whirlwind 3 WESTLAND 1 Turboprop S­58, S­58B/C/D (CH­34, HH­34, SH­34, UH­34, HSS­1, HUS, Chocktaw, Seabat, Seahorse) SIKORSKY 1 Piston S­58 SUD 1 Piston S­58T/DT/ET SIKORSKY 1 Turboprop SN­601 Corvette AEROSPATIALE 2 Jet AS­61A/N (SH­3, ASH­61) AGUSTA 2 Turboprop S­61 Shortsky HELIPRO 2 Turboprop S­61A/B (HSS­2) MITSUBISHI 2 Turboprop S­61A/B/D/L/N (SH­3, UH­3, VH­3, HSS­2, CH­124, HS­9, Sea King, Nuri) SIKORSKY 2 Turboprop CH­124 Sea King UNITED CANADA 2 Turboprop WS­61 Sea King, Commando WESTLAND 2 Turboprop AS­61R (HH­3) AGUSTA 2 Turboprop S­61R (CH­3, HH­3, Pelican) SIKORSKY 2 Turboprop S­62 (HH­52 Seaguard) SIKORSKY 1 Turboprop S­64 Skycrane (CH­54 Tarhe) SIKORSKY 2 Turboprop SA­365C Dauphin 2 AEROSPATIALE 2 Turboprop S­76, H­76, AUH­76, Spirit, Eagle (HE­24) SIKORSKY 2 Turboprop S­901 to 904 SIPA 1 Piston S­92 Helibus SIKORSKY 2 Turboprop SA­102.5 Cavalier K & S 1 Piston SA­103 Cavalier K & S 1 Piston SA­104 Cavalier K & S 1 Piston SA­105 Super Cavalier K & S 1 Piston SA­100 Starduster STOLP 1 Piston SA­11 Playmate STITS 1 Piston SA­3 Playboy STITS 1 Piston SA­300 Starduster Too STOLP 1 Piston SA­2­37A Condor (RG­8) SCHWEIZER 1 Piston SA­2­38A Twin Condor (RU­38) SCHWEIZER 2 Piston SA­500 Starlet STOLP 1 Piston SA­6 Flut­R­Bug STITS 1 Piston SA­7 Sky­Coupe STITS 1 Piston SA­700 Acroduster STOLP 1 Piston SA­750 Acroduster Too STOLP 1 Piston Sabre 2 ARNET PEREYRA 1 Piston Sabre 2 KEUTHAN 1 Piston Super Ace ACE 1 Piston Super Ace ACRO SPORT 1 Piston Super Ace CORBEN 1 Piston Super Ace POBER 1 Piston Acro Advanced SMITH, BARRY, US 1 Piston Saffire HALSTED 1 Piston Sprint FLS 1 Piston SAH­1 TRAGO MILLS 1 Piston S­10 Sakota RANS 1 Piston S­25 Sandringham SHORT 4 Piston CP­1320 Saphir PIEL 1 Piston PT­2 Sassy, ProStar PROTECH 1 Piston HA­220 Saeta CASA 2 Jet HA­200/220 Saeta, Super Saeta HISPANO 2 Jet 105 (Sk60) SAAB 2 Jet 2000 SAAB 2 Turboprop 29 (J29) SAAB 1 Jet 32 Lansen (J32) SAAB 1 Jet 35 Draken (J35, Sk35, F­35, RF­35, TF­35) SAAB 1 Jet 35 Draken VALMET 1 Jet 37 Viggen (AJ37, AJS37, JA37, SF37, SH37, Sk37) SAAB 1 Jet 39 Gripen (JAS39) SAAB 1 Jet SB­7 Seeker SEABIRD 1 Piston 91 Safir (Sk50) DE SCHELDE 1 Piston 91 Safir (Sk50) SAAB 1 Piston SBD, A­24 Dauntless DOUGLAS 1 Piston SBM­03 Kos E & K 1 Piston NA­265 Sabreliner 40/50/60 (T­39, CT­39, NT­39 Sabreliner, Tp86) NORTH AMERICAN 2 Je...
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