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U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular Subject: STANDARDS FOR AIRPORT MARKINGS Date: 4/29/05 Initiated by: AAS-300 AC No: 150/5340-1J Change: 1. PURPOSE. This advisory circular (AC) contains the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards for markings used on airport runways, taxiways, and aprons. 2. CANCELLATION. AC 150/5340-1H, Standards for Airport Markings , dated August 31, 31, 1999, is canceled. This AC also cancels AC 150/5340-1I, although it is substantially the same document and only changes the AC version letter from I to J. 3. EXPLANATION OF CHANGES. This AC incorporates guidance on use of the enhanced taxiway centerline markings and the surface holding position signs. These enhancements were designed by the Federal Aviation Administration and MITRE CAASD to better define the location of holding position markings for air crews. These markings were tested at Theodore Francis Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island. The markings tested included the enhanced taxiway centerline, the extension of existing holding position markings onto taxiway shoulders, the changing of the color of the dashed lines from yellow to white on the holding position markings (which is not adopted at this time) and the enhanced use of the surface painted holding position signs. The enhanced taxiway centerline is being adopted as the standard for commercial service airports that have 1.5 million or more passenger enplanements in a calendar year. The enhanced taxiway centerline will be the only acceptable means of complying with 14 CFR Part 139 for these airports effective June 30, 2008. Similarly, the extension of the runway holding position markings onto the paved shoulder is being adopted as the only acceptable means of compliance with Part 139 for airports regularly served by aircraft in Aircraft Design Groups 5 and 6, also effective June 30, 2008. The standards for enhanced taxiway centerline and extension of the runway holding position markings are optional for all other airports. 4. METRIC UNITS. To promote an orderly transition to metric units, the text and figures include both English and metric dimensions. The metric conversions are based on operational significance and may not be exact equivalents. The conversion procedure used throughout the AC applies the relationship of 1 foot equals 0.3 meter, except for a few instances where rounding was used in order for linear dimensions to sum correctly. Until there is an official changeover to the metric system, the English dimensions should be used. 5. APPLICATION. The FAA recommends the guidelines and standards contained herein for the marking of airport runways, taxiways, and aprons. These standards are the only method of complying with the marking of runways and taxiways at airports certificated under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter I – FAA, DOT, Part 139, Certification and Operations: Land Airports Serving Certain Air Carriers (14 CFR Part 139).
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150-5340_1j(1) - U.S Department of Transportation Federal...

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