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Chapter 8 - Cognition mental activity such as thinking or...

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Unformatted text preview: Cognition: mental activity such as thinking or representing information Analogical representations: a mental representation that has some of the physical characteristics of an object; it is analogous to the object Symbolic representation: an abstract mental representation that does not correspond to the physical features of an object or idea Concept: a mental representation that groups or categorizes objects, events, or relations around common themes Defining attribute model: the idea that a concept is characterized by a list of features that are necessary to determine if an object is a member of the category Prototype model: an approach to object categorization that is based on the premise that within each category some members are more representative than others Exemplar model: information stored about the members of a category is used to determine category membership Reasoning: using information to determine is a conclusion is valid or reasonable Decision making: attempting to select the best alternative among several options...
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