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Chapter 10 Health and Well Being

Chapter 10 Health and Well Being - Chapter 10 Health and...

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Well being: a positive state that invludes striving for optimal health Health psychology: the field of psychological science concerned with the events that affect physical well being. Bipsychosocial model: a model of health that integrates the effects of biological, behavioral, and social factors on health and illness Heart disease: leading cause of death in U.S. Placebo effect: a drug or treatment, unrelated to the particular problem of the person who receives it, may make the recipient feel better because the person believe the drug or treatment is effective. Psychosocial Factors Affect Health Stress: a pattern of behavioral and psychological responses to events that match or exceed an organism's abilities to respond. Stressor: an environmental event or stimulus that threatens an organism Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA): the biological system responsible for the stress response Stressful event-brain-hypothalamus-chemical message-pituitary gland- hormones-adrenal glands-cortisol Psychological components: Fight or flight response: the physiological preparedness of animals to
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