Exam 3 Study Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Sunday, November...

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Intelligence includes reasoning, solving problems, thinking quickly and efficiently, adapting to environmental changes Inter individual differences: differences between individuals or groups Intra individual differences: differences within an individual Fluid intelligence: logics Crystalized intelligence: memorized information, geography, etc General ability factor, broad dimensions of intelligence, specific abilities Hierarchical Structure: Binet's approach: expressed intelligence in terms of difference between examinees age and the norms for that age M>C : advanced M<C: retarded Stern's intelligence quotient Over 100: advanced; under 100: retarded Stanford-Binet: says multiply iq score by 100 Verbal IQ Performance IQ Full Scale IQ Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Extremely reliable Cultural bias MEAN IQ IS 100 Ability to understand emotions and use them EQ (emotional intelligence) Genes affect intelligence but it is unclear how Environmental factors Upper 2-3% are considered gifted Chapter 8: Thinking and Intelligence Extrinsic motivation: emphasizes external goals, Intrinsic motivation: pleasure associated with an activity but has no obvious biological goal Motivation: factors that energize or stimulate behavior Chapter 9: Motivation and Emotion
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Exam 3 Study Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Sunday, November...

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