Chapter 2 US Foreign policy

Chapter 2 US Foreign policy - Chapter 2 US Foreign policy...

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Defeat British at Yorktown in 1781 with help of French Ben franklin has preliminary talks with British Day 3: US Foreign policy British cede Florida to the Spanish Pragmatism vs ideals Ben franklin negotiates with French and reminds them their ultimate enemy is the British not the Americans u.s. violated treaty of alliance. Ben franklin manages to negotiate with British without irritating French Allowed the us to develop economically and remain out of European conflict Desire to be treated as equals and made diplomacy difficult US diplomats typically treated poorly when visiting European countries Comprehensive treaty Led to western expansion 1/2 of the us territory lay across the appalachian Foreign ships could enter us ports and avoid british interference Opened trade with asia as well Trade expanded very rapidly after the revolution America was still very dependent on british and so immediate growth did not occur Refused to resume pre-war trade habits with american colonies British were bitter post-war and caused reliant us to suffer 75% of american trade was still with england Wouldn’t have affected u.s. if majority of trade didn’t still rely on england British refused to evacuate forts along NW frontier that controlled trade routes and claimed this was in compliance with a br/am treaty signed
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Chapter 2 US Foreign policy - Chapter 2 US Foreign policy...

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