Chapter 3 US Foreign Policy

Chapter 3 US Foreign Policy - Focus began to shift from...

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Unformatted text preview: Focus began to shift from europe to louisiana and far east • After skirmish between america and mexican troops the war began ○ Dramatized the expansionist ideals of american settlers ○ American expansionists behaved more agressively against weaker spaniards and mexicans than they did against the british ○ Major westward expansion began shortly thereafter and took hold in the u.s. ○ Also stimulated commerce Technology stimulated expansion with railroads, canals, and steamboats ○ Originally understand as peaceful taking of unoccupied lands but quickly became violent Fueled by racism Indian relocation became an official policy under andrew jackson Manifest Destiny: it was our duty as americans to expand and explore ○ Mexican-American War • Increased whaling, salmon fishing, furs, and trade with china ○ Also increased competition with russia and brittish ○ Treaty of wangxia (1844) Gained trade rights on mfn status Us navy sometimes used its forces to protect chinese trade US negotiated with chinese for trade agreement. ○ Also fought for a portion of oregon so they could have access to a deepwater port. ○ Us showed special interest in hawaii. It was not officially american soil but it served to warn other countries away Hawaii became appealing for trade and industry with its abundant resources ○ Moving west meant access to the pacific ocean • Americans attempted to claim ownership of florida by claiming it was part of louisiana by the louisiana purchase ○ Group of american settlers revolted against spanish rule, beginning the conflict over florida...
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Chapter 3 US Foreign Policy - Focus began to shift from...

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