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Chapter 5 US Foreign Policy

Chapter 5 US Foreign Policy - 1867 america purchased...

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Dominican president seemed eager to sell his country in the late 1860's Grants personal secretary visited the Dominican republic in 1869 In november 1969, grants secretary and the dominican president that agreed to annex the dr and assume its debt for 1.5 million Grant lobbied hard for an annexation of the dr The senate disapproved of the treaty by a 5 to 2 vote Those that supported the annexation believed that having the dr would allow the flow of raw material into the us The senate 1865-1895 Industrial revolution increased trade in the us America is a trading nation Europeans are carving up the rest of the world and limiting us trade as a result Expansion of the american navy 2 measures of a nations greatness depend on its navy and its trade Greatness requires colonies Alfred thayer mahan People didn’t like the idea of a frozen wasteland
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Unformatted text preview: □ 1867 america purchased alaska from russians Annexed midway islands Settling the west and rebuilding the south post-war Backlash ○ Free immigration with us and china Violence against chinese immigrants in the us Burlingame treaty with china ○ Basically forced open trade with japanese Treaty of kanagawa ○ 1882 us forced korea to sign a treaty opening itself to the west Japan forced china out of korea Korea ○ British and french also had interest in hawaii Acquired rights to pearl harbor Sugar strictly traded with us Hawaii annexed by 1898 Hawaii was greatly prized by the us ○ Dominican Republic • Chapter 5: US Foreign Policy Monday, September 12, 2011 5:46 PM US Foreign Policy Page 1...
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