LO-09 Allied Diplo-1

LO-09 Allied Diplo-1 - Allied Diplomacy & World War II...

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LO-9 General From outset, clear survival of Western Eur depended on US Hitler not to repeat Germany’s error in WW I Determined to keep US out of war Orders his subs not to attack passenger liners or US ships US Foreign Policies In Europe Sep 3, 1939: FDR vows neutrality But notes: “can not ask every American to remain neutral in thought.” Nov 1939: FDR obtained repeal of arms embargo of the Neutrality Act Ostensibly: to keep the US out of war real purpose: permit Br & Fr to purchase arms on a basis Jun 1940 FDR pledges to help “opponents of force’ Mid-1940: Congress passes 1 st peacetime draft Isolationists - “ America First Committee ” launch massive protests But w/fall of Fr in Jun 1940, public opinion polls show 75% of Amer wanted to help Eng Late 1940: FDR announces that he favored supplies to Br He then called on US to become the “ Great Arsenal of Democracy.” Lend-lease becomes law – Mar 11, 1941 By end of yr US had expended >$50B on lend-lease Br about $31.6 Rus about $11B (Hitler attacked Rus - Jun 1941) Jan 1941: US & Br mil chiefs meet secretly to work out joint plans Aug 1941: FDR & Churchill agree on Atlantic Charter Reminiscent of Wilson’s 14 pts – Charter reaffirms Principles of collective security National Self-determination Freedom of Seas Liberal trading practices
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LO-09 Allied Diplo-1 - Allied Diplomacy & World War II...

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