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LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles-1

LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles-1 - Eisenhower Dulles LO-11...

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Eisenhower – Dulles LO-11 Elections of 1952 Eisenhower No substantial disagreements on F.P. w/ Truman Wants to preclude isolationism Concerned that Truman’s domestic policies leading to socialism Fears for Demo System if Demo Party in Power for 20 years Eisenhower- Dulles A match of different approaches Dulles A lawyer, efficient, methodical, careful Eisenhower A military officer, keen sense of strategy Eisenhower (Ike) – Dulles F.P. guided by 4 basic concepts 2 guiding principles 4 Basic Concepts Rejection of Fortress America Rejection of Truman’s Europe First Policy US Involved in a Zero-sum competition w/ USSR Win anywhere + win everywhere
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No further victories for communism could be tolerated Any victory would result in a triple defeat Lose potential ally Give implacable enemy a new recruit Adverse impact on minds of neutrals 2 Guiding Principles Build F.P. around moral principles Maintain adequate power Ike – Dulles Differ with NSC-68 NSC-68 – means could expand to fit US interests Ike concerned that Price of internationalism might be too high Prolonged, inconclusive conflict could make Amer weary Can’t be strong enough to defend everywhere Mil expenditures unproductive
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LO-11 Eisenhower-Dulles-1 - Eisenhower Dulles LO-11...

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