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LO-13A Ex AFP Nixon-Kissinger-2 - Nixon-Kissinger LO-13A...

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Nixon-Kissinger LO-13A General Situation 1969 V.N.: # of US troops capped Began process of “Vietnamization.” China: emerging from cultural revolution about to have confrontation w/USSR on border USSR: Nearing Strategic parity in missiles w/ US Econ difficulties at home More dependent on West Nixon 1969: Predispositions Ideologically rigid Politically pragmatic Result: greater flexibility w/in Amer pol scene Initial Policy Outlines During elections Had promised to end VN war Referred to confrontation w/USSR giving way to negs Indicated willingness to consider new relationship w/China Nixon-Kissinger team sought Tac flex of Kennedy/Johnson system Structure and coherence of Eisenhower system Sought to avoid short-sighted fixation that led to VN myopic ideological rigidities of John Foster Dulles The Problem According to Kissinger US lost sight of kind of Intl Order it sought Conceptual coherence lacking
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no long-term vision Result: View seemed to emerge that only the US could preserve a world of diversity Hence, an indiscriminate Globalism had emerged H.K. 1968 “ We will never be able to contribute to building a stable and creative world until we first form a conception of it.” US needed a “Philosophical deepening” Approach he outlined constituted a major change in official perceptions of US interests And, in Amer approach to FP. Prerequisites for Conceptual Coherence in FP
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LO-13A Ex AFP Nixon-Kissinger-2 - Nixon-Kissinger LO-13A...

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