LO-14Ex AFP Carter-3 - Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981...

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Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981 LO-14 SITUATION Negotiations w/SU during the under Nixon-Kissinger/Ford years were somewhat successful SALT I Interim Agreement on Strategic Offensive Arms (1972) ABM Treaty (1972) CSCE Final Act 1975 Basket 1: Questions relating to Security in Europe Basket 2: Co-operation in the Field of Economics, of Science and Technology and of the Environment Basket 3: Questions relating to Security and Co-operation in the Basket 4: Follow-up conference But , Many felt: Global mil balance shifting SALT Interim Agreement froze #, but SU perceived as vastly improving caps Strategic Systems US: 2 new systems MM III (MIRV) Poseidon (SLBM) USSR: 8 new &/or updated ICBMs, 2 new SLBMs Backfire bombers MBFR not fruitful Mil Manpower Sov Navy far behind in Carriers But approaches parity in other surface combatants leads in Subs Def Expenditures: US from 1970-77: 8.2% GNP reduced to 5.2 %
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USSR constant 11-13 % Linkage failed to produce results SU tolerated/did not warn US of Egyptian 1973 attack Aided/abetted Portugese communists after rev of 1974 Did not keep NVN from overrunning SVN 1975
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LO-14Ex AFP Carter-3 - Carter-Brzezinski-Vance 1977-1981...

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