LO-15 AFP Reagan-1 - Ronald Reagan LO-15 Situation...

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Unformatted text preview: Ronald Reagan LO-15 Situation Continued Soviet Arms Build-up Perceptions that imbalance had grown worse Increasing conv arms trade Amer prestige seemed to be slipping In Southwest Asia Iran fall of the Shah + hostage crisis (11/04/79) Afghanistan- Dec 1979 In Africa, e.g. Angola since independence from Portugal 1975 Ethiopia 1977-78, Sov Equipment, 17,000 Cuban soldiers Namibia Since 1966 SWAPO (SW African Peoples Organization) w/ Cuban and Sov support In Asia, e.g. Philippines /Marcos New Peoples Army Moro National Liberation Front In Western Hemisphere Nicaragua Sandinistas take control 1979 El Salvador Farabundo Marti Popular Liberation Forces (FMLN since 1970) Guatemala since 1960s EGP Guerilla Army of the Poor ORPA Revolutionary Organization of Armed People FAR Rebel Armed Forces PGT Guatemalan Labor Party Grenada 1979 New Jewell Movement Cuba w/ Sov help supports communist movements in Hemisphere Marielitos incident 1980 Sov Combat Brigade fall 1979 Panama canal had been given away Human Rights: Abuses everywhere including this...
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LO-15 AFP Reagan-1 - Ronald Reagan LO-15 Situation...

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