LO-17 AFP G.W. Bush-1 - LO-17George W. BushBefore Sep 11,...

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Unformatted text preview: LO-17George W. BushBefore Sep 11, 2001Prep to Campaign - Condi Rice 5 central themes F.A. Jan/Feb 2000Ensure US mil can deter war, project pwr, fight in defense of US interestsPromote econ growth & pol openness by extending free trade & stable intl monetary systemRenew strong relationship w-allies who share US valuesFocus on comprehensive relationships w-big pwrs, particularly Rus + PRC, that can mold character of intl pol sysDeal decisively w-threat of rogue regimes & hostile pwrs (Terrorism & WMDs singled out for mention)During the CampaignoBush team espoused a realism.Bush promises a humble foreign policy with moral clarity.Criticized Clinton-Gore for being too interventionist extending use of US troops around world to undertake nation-buildingCalls for reduced involvement in nation-buildingBut in 1999 had supported Clintons use of force in Kosovo. Refuses to set deadline for force removalUS troops are over-extendedAccuses the Clinton administration of lurching from crisis to crisis. Contend they would provide steadier leadership and better focus.Proposes w-drawal of US gnd forces from Pkeeping in BalkansAdvocates refocusing on the neighborhood i.e. stronger econ & pol relationship w-L.A., esp MexoSupports NAFTA signed by Clinotn in 1992Argues that Washington's relationship w-Beijing ''is going to change from one of strategic partner to one of competitor, but competitors can find areas of agreement, such as in trade.''oArgues for permanent normal trade relations w-PRCoSupports PRC entry to WTOoBut supports defense of Taiwan if attackedSupports cutting off aid to Rus during Chechen warSees China & Russia as competitors, not adversariesoMcCain: sees Putin as ''ruthless, ex-Communist apparatchik''oBush: its to early to tell. Seek to re-build strained relationsSignals preference for prompt deployment of Natl Missile DefoSince 1983 many on right continued to push for Strat Missile DefoTempo increases when Rep capture House in 1994; Senate 1996oSpk of House, Newt Gingrich gets legislation passed that calls for deployment by a certain date.oBut loopholes needed to get law passed allow for indefinite postponement. Pres Clinton signed legislation.oOn 23 July 1999 Clinton sets out four criteria by which to judge whether missile defense was feasible: threat, cost, technological performance, and adherence to the ABM Treaty as renegotiated with Russia.oOn 1 September 2000 he said the technology did not yet justify deployment, and so postponed the issue to the next president.Assumes Presidency Jan 2001Bush has little foreign policy experienceBut heads team wth significant F.P/Sec Pol experienceoV.P. Cheney Sec Assit to Rumsfeld 1969, Pres Fords CoS, 5X congressman from WY 1979-89, GHWBs Sec Def 89-93oSec State Powell 35 yrs mil experince, adv to Pres Reagan for Natl Sec, CJCS under GHWBoSec Def Rumsfeld Navy pilot Sec Def Rumsfeld Navy pilot, 4X US Cong...
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LO-17 AFP G.W. Bush-1 - LO-17George W. BushBefore Sep 11,...

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