Test 1 Review - Test 1 Review Sunday, September 18, 2011...

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7 years war: result of british taxing colonies Model Treaty/ Plan of 1776: treaty of commerce and navigation; no aid to br during future fr/br conflict Treat of Amity and Commerce: Us/Fr share mfn status; neutral rights Preliminary treaty signed Comprehensive treaty signed sept 1783: freedom and independence of colonies, us has some rights in canada; restitution for all confiscated belongings, no further confiscations by br; br to withdraw all troops from the us Treat of alliance: fr recognized soveriegnity of us over br; fr agreed to not try to gain territory from us; no peace with br without permission from the other party Adams Onis treaty: us got e. fl; w florida was included in part of the la purchase; us agrees to assume claims against sp Quadruple Alliance: aus; prussia; russia; britain: pledged to restore international order by defeating napolean Monroe doctrine: non colonization, hands off new world, non-interference, implicit corollary (non transfer principle) Indian removal act of 1830: 5 major indian tribes were relocated westward (trail of tears) Opium war improves trade with asia
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Test 1 Review - Test 1 Review Sunday, September 18, 2011...

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