Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Monday, October 31, 2011...

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LECTURE SEVEN MATERIAL US/BR signed Hay-Pauncefote Treaty (1901): us can build and fortify a canal. Goes against Clayton-Bulwer Treaty US signs Hay-Nunau-Varilla Treaty to fortify across the Isthmus Canal Platt Amendment: constrains cuban independence. US begins interfering in many affairs in south and central america Nationalism: romantic movement; each nation had a special mission Liberalism: limit monarchs; get rid of feudal order; collapses in Germany Nationalism grows in germany Congress of Vienna: 39 loosely affiliated German States Kind Frederick William meets with nations and accepts prussia as part of germany; declares himself king of the german nation Nationalism spread throughout europe Great powers begin forming alliances Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia Germany was rapidly growing in size and power and threatened other states Brits had most to lose. Felt rivals were trying to keep them down, from acquiring new colonies, and from being active in international markets Modern germany had in fact gotten all of these things and was rapidly growing and improving Germany began pushing for colonies Germany was jealous that it had not received proper recognition in past Britain didn't hate germany back; many brits thought they were the image of liberals and internationalist and what countries should aspire to be France strengthened in their hate for germany. Signed defensive alliance with russia, the Anglo-French Entente, and the Triple Entente Russia considered themselves in the right and that god was on their side Italy saw war as a chance to grow and gain colonies The ottoman empire was slowly shrinking and in decline. Serbs and russians get angry Austria annexes bosnia-herzegovina Italy takes over Tripoli 1st balkan war with bulgaria, serbia, and Germany to defeat Turks 2nd balkan war with germany, serbia, romanians, and turks defeat the bulgarians Archduke Ferdinand (from Austria) assasinated by a Serb which causes Austria to threaten Serbia; Serbia doesn't react to threat
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Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Monday, October 31, 2011...

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