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Flowering Plant Reproduction - 14 Pollinating Agents and Flower Modifications for Pollinators Wind Many flowers are pollinated by wind. Many trees in temperate areas are wind pollinated and produce their flowers before their leaves. In general, wind pollinated flowers have Reduced or no calyx and corolla to interfere with wind flow Stamens and carpels extended and often "feathery" and pendant Flowers are often staminate or carpellate Lots of pollen No guarantee, but no energy spent on attracting and/or rewarding the
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Unformatted text preview: vector Releasing pollen Male and female flowers Water Some aquatic plants use water as the means of transporting pollen to egg. In some, pollen floats on the surface from one flower to another In at least one plant, the male flower, which is submerged, abscises from the plant and floats to the surface where it acts like a little boat with sails carrying the pollen. In others the pollen is submerged. Both depend on water currents for movement....
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