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Flowering Plants: Early Growth and Development - 11 2. Dry Fruits, pericarp dry at maturity (con’t) b. Indehiscent fruits, those which do not split open at maturity (1 )Achene or akene, a one-seeded fruit with the seed attached to the fruit at one point only (2) Caryopsis or grain, a one-seeded fruit in which the seed is firmly attached to the fruit at all possible points (3) Samara, a one- or two-seeded fruit with the pericarp bearing a wing like outgrowth. A modified achene (4) Schizocarp, consisting of two carpels which at maturity separate along the midline into two one-seeded halves, each of which is indehiscent (5) Loment, having several seeds, breaking into one-seeded segments at
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Unformatted text preview: maturity (6) Nut, a hard, one-seeded fruit, generally formed from a compound ovary, with the pericarp hard throughout B. Aggregate Fruits. Aggregate fruits consist of a number of matured ovaries formed in a single flower and arranged over the surface of a single receptacle. Individual ovaries are called fruitlets. Many aggregate fruits are also accessory fruits. C. Multiple Fruits. Multiple fruits consist of the matured ovaries of several to many flowers more or less united into a mass. Multiple fruits are almost invariably accessory fruits....
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