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Plant Environmental Regulators - 11 In the dinoflagellate, Gonyaulax , cell division, photosynthesis and its nighttime bioluminescence all follow circadian rhythms. If the light cycle is altered, its bioluminescence pattern follows the change, a process called entrainment. Circadian Rhythms Entrainment Nyctinastic Movements Leaves that “sleep” or close at night exhibit nyctinastic (night nastic)
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Unformatted text preview: movement. Such leaves have pulvini. Turgor changes in the parenchyma cells on either side of the vascular tissue in the pulvinus cause the leaf to open or to close. The change in turgor is controlled by circadian rhythms, and is similar to the mechanisms that open and close stomata. Oxalis Circadian Rhythm Maintaining circadian rhythm without light cues...
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