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Bryophytes - 5 The moss sporophyte consists of a foot, anchored in the archegonium, a seta, or stalk, which elevates the sporangium, or capsule. Typically, a portion of the gametophyte, called the calyptra, protects and covers the developing capsule. Moss Sporophytes Open Capsule Capsule ls Peristome Meiosis in the capsule produces haploid spores. The sporangia contain sporogenous tissue that produces cells capable of doing meiosis.
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Unformatted text preview: When spores are mature, the lid of the capsule, called the operculum, opens, and a row or rows of hygroscopic teeth, the peristome, respond to changes of humidity to open and release spores. The single cell haploid spores have sporopollenin in the walls for protection. Each spore germinates and divides to form a filamentous protonema, which develops into the gametophyte. Moss Protonema Young Gametophyte...
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