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Seed-Dispersing Plants - 20 The Anthophyte Groups As mentioned, the two major classes of angiosperms, the Monocotyledones and Eudicotyledones were the focus of previous units. We will briefly discuss the additional groups of angiosperms, considered more primitive than either monocots or eudicots. Currently, the Anthophytes are divided into the following: Anthophyta
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Unformatted text preview: Two Classes comprise 97% of angiosperms Eudicotyledones (Eudicots) Monocotyledones (Monocots) Additional Groups comprise 3% of the more primitive angiosperms Magnoliidae, including several orders Nymphaeales – Water Lilies Illiciales – Star Anise, Avocado and Pepper families Amborellales Archaefructales – Fossil progenitor of Magnoliides...
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