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Hormones213-page19 - activate mycorrhizae...

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Plant Growth Regulators - 19 Ethylene promoting leaf abscission The auxin/ethylene interaction for abscission is also used commercially. Fruit growers may spray auxins on fruits to prevent the fruits from falling to the ground prior to harvest. Concentration is important; very high auxin level promotes ethylene production. High concentrations of CO 2 inhibit ethylene production so CO 2 can be used to prevent fruit ripening in grocer warehouses. Strigolactones Strigolactones are chemical signal molecules that help promote seed germination,
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Unformatted text preview: activate mycorrhizae associations (discussed previously) and may help to maintain apical dominance when activated by auxin. A parasitic plant host's roots may secrete strigolactones that attract a seedling parasitic to develop haustoria which penetrate the host. (This may be the parasite taking advantage of a signal intended to attract mycorrhizae.) Strigolactone Structure...
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