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PlantKingdom213-page11 - animals half the male gametes have...

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Introduction to the Plant Kingdom - 11 Homosporus Heterosporus A plant that is homosporous has one type of sporangium. However: Homosporous plants can produce one type of spore that grows into a gametophyte that contains both male and female reproductive structures (the antheridium and archegonium, respectively) - or - A homosporous plant can produce two types of spores in its sporangia. When two types of spores are produced, one type grows into male gametophytes and the second grows into female gametophytes. Recall that spores are the products of meiosis; genetic differences are to be expected. (Recall that in most
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Unformatted text preview: animals, half the male gametes have a "Y" chromosome, and half have an "X" chromosome, so it should not be surprising that meiotic products in plants can have gender differences.) Heterosporous plants always have separate male and female sporangia. The microsporangia produce only microspores that grow into male gametophytes, producing only antheridia. Megasporangia produce megaspores that grow into female gametophytes, producing only archegonia. The megasporangia and microsporangia may be found on the same sporophyte individual, or on separate sporophyte individuals....
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