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Plant Nutrients and Soils - 8 In addition, soil is layered; not all soil layers provide growth conditions for plants. The topsoil, or A horizon, contains living organisms, partially decayed organic material and nutrients, which are readily available through nutrient cycling. Water “perks” through the A horizon. The depth of the A horizon is important for plant growth. The B horizon contains much less organic material, but is a region of deposition of materials that leach from the topsoil.
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Unformatted text preview: • The C horizon is the soil base above the parent bedrock. The major agricultural areas of the world are characterized by having soils called Chernozem soils, which are calcium-rich with lots of humus and loamy texture. Acid soils, such as the podzols of many conifer forests and the iron or aluminum-rich laterite soils of the tropics are not well suited to cultivation and form "Hard-Pan" with disturbance. High aluminum content in soils is also toxic to many roots....
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