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Modified Structures - 6 Modifications for Defense: Thorns, Spines and Prickles Thorns, Spines and Prickles are designed for defense and protection. They are modifications of different plant parts. Thorns are branch systems typically found in leaf axils. An example of a plant that produces thorns is: Hawthorn Spines are modified leaves or in some cases, the stipules of leaves. Some examples of plants that produce spines are:
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Unformatted text preview: • Barberry • Cactus Prickles are extensions of epidermis and cortex tissue Some examples of plants that produce prickles are: • Roses • Blackberry Thorns Spines Prickles Special Stems Cladophylls Cladophylls are stems that resemble leaves Some examples of plants that have cladophylls are: • Christmas cactus • Ornamental Asparagus (called erroneously the asparagus fern) Asparagus "Fern"...
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