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Modified Structures - 2 Modifications for Propagation (Asexual Reproduction) Rhizomes A rhizome is a "non-fleshy", but often sturdy, underground horizontal stem. Rhizomes produce vertical shoots and adventitious roots at their nodes. Rhizomes are an ecologically successful adaptation for areas that have temperature or moisture extremes, since the underground stem is protected from these extremes. Shoots can branch from nodes during better environmental conditions. Many prairie grasses are rhizomatous, as is Equisetum
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Unformatted text preview: , a spore-dispersing vascular plant. Some examples of plants that produce rhizomes are: • Many grasses • • Iris • Many Ferns Stolons or Runners A stolon is a non-fleshy horizontal stem that is above ground. Stolons branch from main portions of the plant, have elongated internodes, and produce "sprouts" at their tips. Most plants that produce stolons have basal stems with whorls of leaves. Some examples of plants that produce stolons are: • Strawberry • Spider plant...
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