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Hormones213-page17 - facilitate harvest and shipping of...

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Plant Growth Regulators - 17 Ethylene activates ripening in fruits by signaling chemical reactions that degrade the pectins of the middle lamella, softening fruit, and promoting the conversion of stored starches and/or oils into sugars that attract seed dispersers. Some fruit ripening involves a significant increase in the rate of cell respiration with concurrent high O 2 uptake. This function of ethylene (fruit ripening) has extensive agricultural impact. Biotechnology has been used to alter sensitivity to ethylene in some crops to
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Unformatted text preview: facilitate harvest and shipping of fruits. Using gene technology, tomatoes lacking ethylene receptor genes have fruits with a shelf life of 100 days! Ethylene promoting ripening Tomatoes on left lack ethylene receptor genes • Ethylene promotes female flower production in some members of the Cucurbitaceae, whereas high gibberellins may promote formation of male flowers. • Ethylene is also responsible for the hypocotyl arch or apical hook common eudicot shoot germination....
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