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Plant Tissues - 6 Ground or Fundamental Tissues (from ground meristems) 1 . Parenchyma - basic tissue type Produced from ground meristem Locations Cortex Pith Leaf mesophyll | Fruit "flesh" Vertical strands in primary vascular tissue Horizontal rays in secondary vascular tissue Description: Alive at maturity Uniformly thin-walled (generally primary wall only) Many shapes and sizes Often are "loosely" packed, with surrounding air spaces May divide (retain their meristematic capability) Initiate wound healing Initiate adventitious structures by dedifferentiation Functions Photosynthesis (Called chlorenchyma because cells contain
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Unformatted text preview: chloroplasts) Buoyancy, (Called aerenchyma as in floating leaves that have huge air spaces Storage (May contain a number of substances) Transverse H 2 O movement in secondary growth (ray cells) Transfer cells. Transfer cells have wall ingrowths (invaginations) that increase surface area. Transfer cells help move solutes across short distances. They are often found in veins, leaf traces, and reproductive structures. Secretion cells that line ducts and glands (nectar, oils, gums, hormones) are transfer cells. Parenchyma cells...
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