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Flowering Plant Reproduction - 13 Beyond maturation timing, the positioning of anthers and stigma can inhibit self- pollination. An open stigma may block access to stamens, while a closed stigma (no mature egg) allows access. The physical positioning of stamens relative to the carpels can also affect the likelihood of pollen reaching the stigmas of the same flower. The terms "pin" and "thrum" describe the relative position of stamens and carpels in such
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Unformatted text preview: flowers. • Genetic self-incompatibility is also common. Pollen grains do not germinate on genetically similar stigmas. Regardless of the effort to which a plant goes to ensure cross-pollination, the vector, or pollinating agent is still needed. Let’s look at some of the pollinating agents and adaptations of flowers for their pollinators. Pollination biology is one of the best examples of co-evolution and “mutualism” in biology ....
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