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The Shoot System: Primary Stem Structure - 5 Pattern 2: Cylinder of Vascular Tissue Some eudicots that have secondary growth, particularly woody plants, may have a complete cylinder of vascular tissue in primary growth separating the cortex from the pith. Within the cylinder, whose interior and exterior “borders” are typically formed by a layer of sclerenchyma cells, are radiating rows of ground parenchyma that separate alternating xylem and phloem vascular bundles”. It can be difficult to distinguish the bundles
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Unformatted text preview: because there are no bundle sheaths or fiber caps. Primary stem in Tilia There is a reasonable amount of variation in secondary growth in eudicots. Woody plants have extensive secondary growth. Most herbaceous eudicots have open bundles and exhibit some secondary growth, although most of this secondary growth is for support rather than for conduction. The transition in stem growth pattern from primary to secondary is discussed with secondary growth....
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