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Spore-Dispersing Vascular Plants - 7 The Selaginella microgametophyte (male) develops within the microspore and is non- photosynthetic. It consists of one vegetative cell (a prothallial cell) and the antheridium which produces flagellated sperm. At some point, the microgametophyte is released from the strobilus. As the megagametophyte (female) develops it ruptures the megaspore cell and archegonia are produced in the ruptured site.
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Unformatted text preview: The megagametophyte depends on the megaspore for nutrients. At some point, the megagametophyte is released from the strobilus, and fertilization, which requires water for sperm to swim to archegonia, occurs after release. In some species, the embryo embeds into the nutrient-rich female gametophyte as it develops using a suspensor....
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