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The Shoot System: Primary Stem Structure - 3 While the arrangement of tissues in stems differs from roots, the tissues are the same, and by now, should be becoming familiar. Typical Eudicot Stem Primary Growth Patterns Epidermis Cuticle for protection Some stomata for gas exchange Trichomes are common – glands, prickles and hairs Cortex region Few layers of collenchyma for flexible strength Parenchyma layers Some sclerenchyma may be found in cortex, too
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Unformatted text preview: P i t h • The pith is comprised of parenchyma tissue with many intercellular spaces. • Some plants may have a “hollow” pith. An endodermis layer forms interior to the vascular tissue in these hollow-stemmed plants. • Pith rays, extensions of pith between vascular bundles radiate from the pith to the cortex. Pith rays are difficult to observe in plants that have a cylinder of vascular tissue in primary growth. Helianthus stem, xs...
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