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Bryophytes - 4 Life History and Reproduction Water is required for transfer of the motile sperm to egg. Most antheridia are in terminal disk-shaped clusters to facilitate water capture for sperm transfer. Each sperm has two flagella, the only flagellated structures of all plants. The vase-shaped archegonia produce one egg. The base of the archegonium, which holds the egg, is called the venter. The neck cells of the archegonium degrade and produce fluid to promote the movement of sperm.
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Unformatted text preview: Chemicals are secreted by the archegonium to attract sperm as well. After fertilization, the sporophyte grows out of the archegonium, and nutrients for the developing sporophyte are provided by the gametophyte using apoplastic movements through cell walls. (This dependence of sporophyte on gametophyte nutrients is called matrotrophy.) Antheridial head Antheridia Archegonial head Archegonia...
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