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Flowering Plants: Early Growth and Development - 3 Seed and Fruit Formation and Dispersal While the embryo is developing within the embryo sac, changes are also occurring in surrounding tissues. The ovule integuments and the embryo sac wall form the seed coat, which will protect the embryo until germination. The mature seed is comprised of the embryo, endosperm nutrient tissue and seed coat. In some seeds, notably legumes, the cotyledons will absorb the endosperm
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Unformatted text preview: tissue, becoming "fleshy", so that the bulk of the seed is endosperm. In many monocots, the cotyledon will be modified to form a coleoptile, which surround and protects the epicotyl and the coleorhiza that protects the radicle. In some grains, the cotyledon forms a nutrient-rich scutellum surrounding the embryo for germination. Nutrients also pass from the endosperm through the scutellum to the embryo....
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