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Plant Tissues - 3 Recall that plant growth occurs along an axis that increases in "length". Growth in length is primary growth, and is produced by primary meristems. The radial pattern of growth: epidermis, ground tissue and vascular tissues, as shown by cross sections of plant regions, is determined in the embryo by the radial pattern of the embryonic meristems. Growth that increases the girth or circumference of the plant is the result of secondary meristems, and is called secondary growth. Not all plants have secondary growth. Plants that we call herbaceous plants have little or no secondary growth. Most monocots do not have secondary growth. Primary meristems Found at growing tips of plants Shoot tip meristems (form shoot system)
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Unformatted text preview: Stem meristem Leaf primordia Bud primordia • Root tip meristems (form root system) Shoot Meristem Root Meristem Primary meristems are permanent and self-perpetuating. They consist of the meristem initials and the derivatives. As meristem initials divide, they produce derivative meristems from which the tissue systems of the plant are formed. Primary Derivative Meristems • Protoderm Differentiates into surface or dermal tissues, the epidermis • Procambium Differentiates into vascular tissue of primary growth including xylem and phloem • Ground meristem Produces fundamental or ground tissues, including parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma...
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