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Unformatted text preview: Seed-Dispersing Plants - 10 Ginkgo ovules Ginkgo male strobili After fertilization, Gingko seeds grow to about cherry-sized, and have a fleshy seed coat that is easily confused with a fruit of a flowering plant. The fleshy outer seed coat decomposes at maturity. Mature Ginkgo seeds Human Value of Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoes are prized ornamental trees for landscaping. Ginkgoes are air pollution tolerant, and fire, pest and disease resistant. Their slow growth and vertical stature make them suitable for street planting. The fall color is magnificent. Generally grafted males are grown to avoid the seed decomposing fragrance in autumn. The starchy seeds are edible and are sold as "white nuts" in many Asian markets. Ginkgo leaf extract is an herbal supplement. Among its claims are that Ginkgo supplements may help minimize migraine symptoms and may improve memory. Clinical students have not demonstrated this effectiveness. Ginkgo also acts as an anticoagulant so it should never be taken by those who take blood-thinning medications. ...
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